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the Walker Family ... and welcome to our family blog, where we share harrowing tales of our daily adventures and allow you a glimpse behind the velvet curtain of the goings-on within the Walker household. Also, we have amusing pictures, so we have that going for us. Stay for a visit.

… When You’re Having Fun

First Day of School 2016Time has been flying by these past few months and we realized that we’ve been neglecting the site again.  It’s probably due for a major overhaul to better suit how we use it these days.  We originally created this website as a way to keep in touch with family while we were planning our wedding, and over the years it’s morphed into a collection of pictures from our adventures to eventually our family site.  During that time the internet has changed quite a bit with similar services such as Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and the need for personal websites is not as great.  I’d still like to keep the site going, but need to re-think what would make it useful for our various friends and family throughout the world.  We’ll see what 2017 brings!

29 November 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Community Karate

A quick video of (a very tired) Lucas at his Saturday morning karate demonstration!

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25 February 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Pretty Quiet …

Realized that we haven’t updated the family blog since July!  It’s not that there hasn’t been anything going on, quite the opposite actually, things have been extremely busy.  Both the kids are now in school, and Inara is doing so well in Kindergarten – we’re so proud of her!  It seems that every weekend we’ve been busy with various events, classes, and get-togethers with school and neighbourhood friends, and as we approach the holiday season things are ramping up even more.  Both Nicole and I are looking forward to everything calming down after Christmas so we can take a breath and relax.

I will try to update the site more frequently.

02 December 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Hot Days in the Sun

Lucas and Inara have finished up the end of their soccer season, and just in time to avoid the recent heatwave.  As much as they loved it, I’m definitely not going to miss sweating through another game as we slowly bake in the sun!

30 July 2015 ~ 0 Comments